Descriptions of technological and specialized capabilities (dedicated applications, services, consulting)

Look at the descriptions and images of some of the solutions and technologies offered by ANSER
  • 3D printers for brass and steal
  • Aerospace coating applications: anti-corrosion, anti-wear, non-stick
  • Aerospace critical fasteners and precision parts
  • Customized electric and board softwares
  • Design, integration and testing
  • Gear transmissions and power train solutions (vertical solutions: from engineering, manufacturing and assembly)
  • Ground Support Equipment for integration and testing
  • Hi-tech machining and 3D Printing, reverse engineering
  • High performance-engineering and design
  • Hydroforming, special alloys, precision welded joints
  • Mechanical prototyping and special productions (fist prototype batches, in-house special processes, Heat Treatment)
  • R&D with dedicated test labs (test engineering and functional test for aerospace, ndt and material/components characterizations with nadcap certifications)
  • Special shaped and customized springs with critical analysis
  • Surface’s treatment with nanotechnological substances
  • The most advanced CNC machining (milling, turning, EDM)