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Report X-PLORE SpaceTech from Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is the Intesa Sanpaolo Group company dedicated to frontier innovation. It explores future trends and scenarios, develops multidisciplinary applied research projects, supports startups, accelerates business transformation for companies according to the criteria of Open Innovation and the Circular Economy, facilitates the development of innovative ecosystems and disseminates innovation culture, in order to make Intesa Sanpaolo the driving force behind a better informed, inclusive and sustainable economy.

The New Space Economy is booming, driven by the commercialisation of the traditional and institutional space sector. Underlying this paradigm shift is, on the one hand, technology, both upstream and downstream, and on the other, new business models and public-private partnerships.

Summarising an industry that is rapidly evolving day-by-day is not easy and attempting to establish which solutions will be the most successful is even harder. What is certain is that Italy is one of the few countries in the world to have an industrial supply chain and a research system that is able to ensure the technological advancements and the development of applications needed to face the challenges of our times, space-related or not.

The advent of small satellites (and miniaturization technologies) and improved data management and processing capabilities (increasingly automated, on-board and from the ground) are perhaps the most distinctive aspects of the small space revolution that is already underway. Looking (a little) beyond the “here and now”: building, transporting and operating a habitat on the Moon, or a lander on Mars, means developing know-how and technology that creates value for Italy and cements its already recognised position as a global player.

Exploring and operating in space does pose many challenges but undoubtedly comes with many advantages, which can now be immediately exploited in a wide range of applications: precision agriculture, telemedicine, energy system monitoring, supporting transport systems and mobility, land and cultural heritage monitoring, and more.

What emerges from the SpaceTech report, published by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, is a complex and dynamic scenario that represents an essential basis for the development of Italy, from a perspective of economic and environmental sustainability.

Enjoy the reading, downloading HERE the full report.